Grinding to a Start

Getting started really is the hardest thing, ain’t it?  So often.

In keeping with this being a “process oriented” blog/project/experiement I feel compelled to tell you that I’m having a bitch of a time getting going.  A lot of fear getting in the way, stopping me up, making me second guess everything.

Gotta break the rust off the gears.  Gotta expect that motion, when it comes will be halting and jerky.  There will likely be horrible sounds accompanying it.

I’m putting so much pressure on myself to make this first one awesome, that it’s kind of stifling all of my ideas.  I think back, though, to when Saturday Night Live was first going on the air, Lorne Michaels had it in the contract that they would get at least ten episodes to find their feet before someone would be allowed to pull the plug.  With that in mind, I should feel okay if this, my first episode, isn’t the most amazing thing ever.  Of course, I will be shooting for the stars, but I would do well to acknowledge that it’s probably going to take me a little while to find my feet in this thing.

So, I’m going to work on that.

-BR 3.36.08  12.31am

~ by 50in50 on March 25, 2009.

2 Responses to “Grinding to a Start”

  1. Hmm–wonder what the trees think about this guy! He was convincing to me except that he seemed so Jewish so his “prayers” were wrong. I like hearing his narrative voice while he is wandering around among the trees before he starts talking to the trees. I like the adolescent tree bit best. For those big guys, te water pitcher doesn’t look quite adequate! Love, AK

  2. I am amazed by you. Seriously. You inspire me. xoxo

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