Episode 5: Geoff Boyle’s Apology

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[First off, a GIANT thank you to Mr. Walker Shapiro for being the first person to go to the “Donate” page (on the right) and actually follow through with a donation to this project.  It is very much appreciated.  Walker can rest assured that his donation will go either to something very necessary, or something very awesome, and it will only be used for 50in50.]

The process behind this one:

Well, as you might have read, last week my body decided that it’d had enough of these abhorrent working conditions, and it went on strike.  So when the weekend came around I didn’t feel like leaving my apartment (or really using any energy) to shoot something.  The genesis of the character was like this:
-I’m super sick.
-What if this character talks like he’s sick?  Like he’s all stuffed up.   (which I wasn’t)
-(play with the voice for a little while)
-What if he’s not actually sick, he’s just an a-hole that talks like that?
-He sounds snotty and pretentious.
-What do snotty people hate doing?
-What’s he going to apologize for?
-Everything the can think of.
-His woman left him.
-How would he choose to apologize?*
-He would make an ultra-pretentious open letter to his ex, then post it on YouTube as a way of apologizing and absolving some of his guilt, but also as a way of getting back at her for leaving him.

From there, I built out who he was, what he did for a living, where he was from, and most importantly, the details of their relationship.  Certainly, not everything Geoff apologizes for in this video is true.  Much of it is his own “artistic flair” (he did some performance art in college).

* I wanted to point out how crucial this step is: The How.  Anybody could apologize for a litany of misdeeds; it’s The How, though, that truly reveals character.  We would all do it in our own ways, wouldn’t we?  Just like anyone could go to the candy store, but it’s the particular way in which Al Griffin goes to the candy store that tells us who he is.

As always, your comments and questions are very welcome.  Next week 50in50 will be coming to you from the West Coast!  Hope to see you back, and please help spread the word about this project.

Thanks much,

Brent  4.29.09  3.47am

~ by 50in50 on April 29, 2009.

9 Responses to “Episode 5: Geoff Boyle’s Apology”

  1. Utter genius. I pissed myself.

  2. Hmmm . . . reminds me of a certain song I used to know. ; )

  3. Bloody brilliant! Believe it or not, this is my favorite episode to date. You perfectly captured an apology given by a truly narcissistic and self-centered individual. I actually know a few people who would make such an apology and you definitely nailed the characteristics and mannerisms of the said individuals.

    Also, I think that the rather simplistic video production (for a lack of a better term) actually enables you to delve further into the psyche and personality of this character which gives him much more depth and nuance. Extra points for a perfectly placed Camus reference ;) Having the background song also gives the video an extra element of professionalism.

    Once again, great job Brent!

  4. loved this one, posted it to my facebook stream in hopes that friends would watch and laugh like i did. good job whatever your name is :) j/k brent :) keep’em coming and don’t blame being sick on what you’re going through, perhaps you just caught a cold and got sick and that’s all there is to it. you’ll be back on your feet and cranking these out in no time.

  5. I agree, that is pretty much how a narcissist would apologize, turn it into a way to make the suffering about “his” suffering so really he’s sorry he felt something uncomfortable and not about how he was a jack ass…great job Brent!
    And if you are in the E. Bay and need to borrow a baby for your project, just let me know, i’ve been trying to break her into the business, she is almost one already. I know I know a slow start ;)

  6. Hey Brett, loved this one! Second favorite after Al Griffin. I think you should change the format whenever you feel like it, and not force anything. You’re 10% done, that’s double-digits! BTW, I got another New York friend hooked, so you have another fan. Stay the course!

  7. I lost it at the final, “Sorry about the mind games.” HILARIOUS.

    So many clever little zingers packed in there, I’ve had to (gotten to!) watch this a whole mess of times. You boldly go where few do (I loved the clarifying hand gestures accompanying “I’m sorry your vagina was too big.”), and you do it really well. The lighting in this episode was fantastic, too.

    It disturbs me that I can find someone so repulsive so… hot.

    Can’t wait for the next one! Woot Wednesdays.

  8. Wowzers this is awesome.

  9. brent this is brilliant! my favorite by far. maybe it was the cabin fever trapped and sick in your apartment…whatever it was, i replay bits in my head and laugh out loud in public like a moron.

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