Episode 6: The Ad Campaign

NOTE: This video is not as “safe for work/kids” as some of my others.  I’d say it’s PG-13.

(For a better viewing experience click on the HQ button once the video starts.  Looks a lot better in full-screen…)

[A huge thanks goes out to Mr. Robert Hennig in Germany for hitting the Donate button this week and helping to support this project.  I’m very grateful.  I was happy to learn I have viewers in Germany, so danke schöen, Robert!]

{Very big thanks also go out to Mr. Max Livingstone for playing Hamilton (whose name you never heard) and for helping me flesh this idea out, and to Mr. Petur Magnusson for mightily wielding the camera, viking-style.}

Going into this episode, I didn’t know much about what I was going to do.  All I really knew is that I’d asked my long-time friend (who I met while doing theatre in high school) to be in it with me.  I figured we’d come up with something, no sweat, and we’d be off and running.

Note to self: Always assume that everything you try to do for this project will take four times longer than you planned.

Max and I had an incredibly difficult time just picking something that we both thought would be fun.  I had some ideas I liked, he had some ideas he liked.  In the end, we compromised on this idea, which I think was both of our second choices, and it ended up being good times.  This all, though, brings up some issues for me.

Have you ever been forced to take one of those horrible personality tests, usually when filling out a job application for some big company?  There are all these questions about “How good of a leader are you?” and “Would your friends consider you a leader?”  It makes me grit my teeth just thinking about it.  Especially because, while shooting this episode, I don’t think I lead well.

There is something I have to get over.  Through years and years of training and being on stage, I have it ingrained in me that you don’t tell your fellow actor what to do.  You do your work, they do theirs, and the director will keep everyone on track.  Well, I’m still not used to wearing the director hat, so I keep catching myself hoping and waiting for magic and mind-reading, rather than simply directing the scene.  As a result, we had a TON of footage for this episode, a good chunk of which (though certainly not all) was just wasted tape.  That translated to wasted time while shooting, and wasted time while editing.  One of the best things about the project may end up being that, by necessity, it will teach me how to direct something that I am acting in, which is a part of my ultimate dream.  That said, I have a ways to go before I’ll be comfortable with it.  Well, recognizing the problem is the first step, isn’t it?  Woo progress!

Next time I work with other actors (and crew, too, for that matter) I’m going to work on being more assertive.  Hand-in-hand with that, I’m also going to work on having a clearer picture of what I want and a concise way of articulating it, so that they can see it, too.  That’ll help acting, shooting, editing, and everything in between.

This episode was almost entirely improvised.  99% or thereabouts.

Next week is going to be insane.  I’ll spare you the details, but suffice to say I’m going to have to figure out some way of making a video with little to no editing (which will be a nice contrast to this week… and pretty much every week so far).  Stay tuned.


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~ by 50in50 on May 6, 2009.

13 Responses to “Episode 6: The Ad Campaign”

  1. Yay Max!!! One of my favorite people in one of my favorite towns. I love this episode, but I’m definitely biased by nostalgia. Was that a Gordo’s burrito? Mmmmm.

  2. You are definitely tugging on some Albany heartstrings here, sir.

  3. wow…you managed to hit almost all the HS hangouts! LOL…great job guys, especially for improve. Not having a leader usually “leads” to disaster (haha, puny)…anyway…way to pull it together!

  4. what, no scene at the Mallard? Love it as always bro.

  5. Well–this was the most fun one yet–but that’s probably partly because of the familiar scenes. And Max is so lovable. But brrrr–this is the Bay Area, not Maui!


  7. i’m happy for your eventual breakthroughs…but i’m hella mad that you tricked me into once again looking at your ass for art’s sake.

    good show sir(s).

  8. i can’t believe you swam naked at albany beach. swine flu my eye, you just caught something nasty – best warn the old lady. but it was worth it. ;)


  9. Very funny stuff buddy! I enjoyed this one almost as much as episode 1 or ??? goes to Washington. Great stuff that you are doing here!

  10. I can’t wait until Wednesday!!! What should I do until Wed.?

  11. I had to catch up on a couple episodes, and this one was truly hilarious. Despite the fact that I was very disturbed because of Peet’s and Gordo’s and the fact that I’m about 8000 miles away from those things and I long for them, I loved this. It came across as very natural, so any strain that you experienced filling the role of both actor and director didn’t come across at all, and Max did a great job. Even the bare ass didn’t seem forced or out of place (and I’m sure there’s a weird pun or innuendo in there somewhere). Nice work.

  12. I think my favorite thus far is still the silent one (episode 3) because you really hit some powerful notes. But this one I loved for the reasons that others have stated–2 Albany boys driving around in a Volvo station wagon, swinging on the swings at Memorial Park–what could be better?! Good times.

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