My Full Report…

…is that there ain’t much to report, as expected.

The conversation went better than I expected.  Smoother.  More positive.

I was very clear and upfront with my needs and intentions.  I let him know that while I care a great deal about the company’s mission (which really is fantastic… it’s a charity.  Have I mentioned that?), it’s not my life’s work.  Acting and writing is.  If Saturday Night Live comes knocking on my door, you had better believe that I’m out.  He understood that.  I asked him if he could be flexible about me going to auditions, and he said he could, which is HUGE.  So, as long as we’re clear on all that, and as long as I’m already trained and doing the job, I might as well get paid better for it and get benefits, right?


Well, the logic of that is sound, but it doesn’t solve the problem that working there plus doing 50in50 equals no sleep.  It also has been equalling no writing time (other than 50in50) and no excercise time.  These are big problems.  Factor girlfriend time and friend-friend time in there, too, and I’m spread mighty thin.

So, the goal remains the same: get financial backing for 50in50, so I can do it full time.  Is it plausible?  If you’d asked me when I started, I would have said probably not, but the project is starting to gain momentum, and people have been so enthusiastic about it that I can’t help but think… maybe?

Anyway, I’ll be off the grid for the long weekend, but I still plan to have a new episode up on Wednesday (unless I am eaten by a bear).

Enjoy life,


P.S.  I am LOVING all the support I’ve been getting from folks in Germany!!  I have received a lot of emails and such from over there, and the support you have been showing is really cool, and is very much appreciated.  I’ll have to come for a visit one of these days… maybe shoot an episode or two out there.  Here are some links to some cool German webshows and blogs that mention 50in50:



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