… my job!

Yes, readers, I finally went and done did it.  I officially quit yesterday, and my last day is tomorrow.

What’s more, on Saturday I am leaving for California for THREE MONTHS to do a play.  50in50 will continue as usual, I’ll just be doing the next dozen or so episodes from California, rather than New York.

So, how did this happen?

Two Fridays ago, while I was sitting at work, I almost had a panic attack.  (That’s not at all normal for me, incidentally.)  After my most recent Big Conversation with my boss (see entry entitled: “Come to Jesus 2: Electric Boogaloo” and the follow-up entry “My Full Report…” for the fully backstory, if you’re interested), I had tried to resign myself to just being here.  On that Friday, however, I started thinking about all of the goals I had set for myself.  I started thinking about how I’d promised I’d have a second submission packet for Saturday Night Live by ready by August 1st, and how I’d vowed to have a first draft of my screenplay done by the end of August… and I realized that I was making no progress.  I started breathing hard, and my heart started pounding.  I mean POUNDING, I could literally see it through my shirt.  I thought I was about to keel over, and I realized, “I can’t do this.”

I went home that night, and I wrote an email to an old friend, who is the artistic director of the Shotgun Players (where I used to be company member).  They had brought a show to New York a couple months ago (for the first time!), and it was wonderful, and I was so extremely proud of them.  So I told him that, and that I missed working with them, and that if they had any roles that I might be right for in their summer show, to please let me know.  He said, yes, there’s something you’d be right for, but rehearsals start in two weeks, and we’ll have to get special permission from Equity (the stage actors union) because they already had three Equity actors in the show, and under their Special Agreement Contract if they have more than three they are required to hire an Equity stage manager, but of course, they had already hired their stage manager months ago and nobody (myself included) wanted anyone to get fired just so I could do a show (and Shotgun never would have, which I’m glad of).

What ensued could only delicately be described as “a nine-day clusterfuck”.  I don’t have time to go into the details now, so I ‘ll just say that there was a lot of back and forth, and sometimes it looks like it was going to happen, and sometimes it didn’t.  After many, many phonecalls and letters,  and nagging and just holding on with a death-grib and not letting go of it, things worked out.

I got the call at 8:30pm on Tuesday, and rehearsals start on Sunday.  I’m on a plane on Saturday.

I quit my job yesterday (Wednesday), or gave notice, rather, that Friday would be my last day.  My boss was really understanding, which was a great relief (“Even if your head was in it here, I knew your heart wasn’t.  Acting is in your blood.”  He was dead right.).  I now have a million loose ends to tie up before I go, so everything will be chaos for the next few days, but GOD DAMN isn’t adventure exciting?

I have no job prospects for when I return to NY… and well, that’s okay.  I’ll figure things out, won’t I?  In the meantime, I am California-bound, and I will share with you my thoughts on goals for this next stretch later.

On another note, a 50in50 video was featured on YouTube’s Comedy page for two days this week, and it’s gained a ton of new subscribers, at least on YouTube (are any of you reading this, new YouTube subscribers?) and I’m excited about the new momentum.

I have no idea what I’m going to do for my next episode, given the extreme state of chaos that my life will be in for the next few days, but I’ll come up with something.

In the meantime, much love, New York, and I’ll see you in the fall,

Brent  6.11.09

P.S.  The play is a new adaptation of Animal Farm by George Orwell.  If you’re going to be in the Bay Area on some weekend between Aug 1st and Sept 13th, come check it out.  Here’s the link: http://shotgunplayers.org/animal.htm

~ by 50in50 on June 11, 2009.

12 Responses to “I QUIT…”

  1. Brent!! I’m so excited for you, this is awesome. I’ve been having minor panic attacks myself concerning reaching personal goals, and I’ve begun to work them out… it’s so good to see someone going out there, doing it, and kicking ass. Also, there’s a good chance Jon & I will be in the Bay Area over those days, so we may even get the chance to see you. Awesome job, dude.

  2. Awesome. Great move. You only get one of these lives…do what you love and do it hard.

    Break a leg.

  3. That’s awesome!!! Congrats!! I had a minor panic attack myself because I thought “I quit” meant you quit 50in50 ;-) I’m happy for you and looking forward to seeing all the episodes from Cali.

  4. Palabra a tu madre!! you rock!! I was thinking about how you threw up into your nalgene and it was the perfect amount to fill the thing close the lid and wait until we stopped to dump it out… I’m so glad you drank all the water first or you would have had a mess. talk about timing…

    miss you bub!

  5. don’t know you from Adam, but a leap for a dream like this should be applauded.

    Good luck.

  6. Yes, Yes, YES!! Come join us…JOIN US!!! I remember when I put my notice in to Corporate land in March. When I realized that my soul had gone on strike and taken with it the basic ability to work at a computer I gave my notice. I figured I was on the right path when I couldn’t stop smiling after doing it. Oh, and I could look at myself in the mirror again. Oh, and I’ll never forget when pride and integrity came back home after being away for 3 years. That, too. Let’s get coffee before I head to live on a Hacienda in Texas for 2 months?

  7. I told you the Universe would take care of you!!!!


    this is very happy-making.

  8. Sooooo… that would mean you need someone to sublet your primo Brooklyn room while you’re gone…. right?

  9. I couldn’t be more pleased! Can’t wait to see you on the stage again! Glad everything got sorted out, and you’re listening to yourself, or at least reading backwards while looking in the mirror…carpe diem! Does this mean there are Albany bowling nights in the near future???

  10. Congratulations Brent! We’ll miss you here in New York, but excited to see you are pursuing your dream. Lots of love!

  11. “Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.” Goethe. Good you you!

  12. HOORAY for living your dream and persistence and authenticity and being down right awesome. I am so proud

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