Episode 14: Your Handshake is Crap

(For a better viewing experience click on the HQ button once the video starts.  Everything is more fun in full-screen mode…)

[Thank you much to Kevin MacLeod for the royalty free music http://incompetech.com Great resource!  Thanks to my brother, Matt, for all the handshakes, and BIG thanks to Jeff Lane and Max Livingstone for sending me the original video.]

Now, you may well be thinking that this character was pretty far-fetched.  Were you?  It’s okay.  Admit it.  There is no way this guy could exist in real life.  Right?  Well, feast your eyes…

Yeah.  Wow.  This video was sent to me several months ago (long before I started 50in50), and it quickly became one of my favorite internet videos.  I LOVE THIS GUY.  I really do.  I can’t believe he’s for real, but I’m pretty sure he is.  I have no idea what his backstory is or anything like that; I just think he’s an amazing character.

So, this is the first impression I’ve done for this project.  Tough stuff.  I did my best to go shot for shot and look for look.  That’s not a requirement for impressions or anything, I just thought it’d be fun.

Doing impressions is a skill-set in of itself, and while it isn’t something I’ve done a ton of, it’s something I want to work on.  Here’s something I learned while working on this one, and I have to think it’s the most crucial thing I got out of this:

You can try to match the face, body, and voice all you want, but until you figure out the character’s intention, you ain’t got nothing.  This is certainly true in regular acting as well, but when you’re watching a video of someone, then you’re trying to do it, and it’s not matching up, you can really see it.  This forces you to really work to try to get into the character’s head.  A great exercise, and a really good reminder that you ALWAYS need to be doing that work.  There are schools of acting that would argue that find and playing the right intention is the most important thing in acting.  Personally, I don’t believe that there is a one most important thing, but I’d say it’s definitely way up there.

Also!  I’ve finally got the Podcast going for this thing.  There’s a link in the upper right corner of this page.  Click the Podcast button, select iTunes (or whatever your podcast program is) when it asks you, and you’ll have the new episode delivered to your iTunes every week.  Neat.  I hope you’ll still come back and read the blogs, though.


BR  7.3.09  5.58am

P.S.  If all goes according to plan, next week will be my first musical episode.  Hope you check it out.


Holy shit!  Right after I posted my video, I found this.  Would have been great to have found this before I made the thing.

Huh.  Well… that’s interesting.

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One Response to “Episode 14: Your Handshake is Crap”

  1. I forgot to mention, that guy never blinks. I don’t think he blinks once in that whole video. If I blinked during a take I stopped and did it again. Eye-lid acting.

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