Episode 15: Me and My Penis Pump

(For a better viewing experience click on the HQ button once the video starts.  Everything is more fun in full-screen mode…)

[First off, giant thanks to Bill Bowles for shooting all of the SF footage and coming up with some great ideas.  Thanks, too, to my brother Matt for helping me out a ton with all the East Bay shooting.  And most of all, THANK YOU to my anonymous friend.]

Making this music video reminded me exactly why I haven’t tried to make a music video yet.  On average, I’d say each episode of 50in50 takes me roughly ten hours a week.  This video took twenty-five, easy.  There were a lot of things that I wanted to get done this week that I just didn’t get to because of this.  The timing was right, though; for the next few weeks I really need to focus on the play I’m in, and on polishing up my sketches for a second SNL submission packet (should they actually, miraculously read my first packet and request more).

Anyway.  I’m sworn to secrecy as to where the penis pump came from (yes, that IS a real penis pump).  A friend of mine who has been watching 50in50 contacted me once I got to California.  He gave me the pump and told me the story of how and why he got it, which really turned into the story of the song (or the backbone of it, anyway).  He was eighteen, and was dating a girl who apparently told him that her previous boyfriend was massive.  Having had only porn to compare himself to (and the mental images of her ex-boyfriend) a major complex arose.  He did, in fact, spend $600 on that thing.  It was so loud that he basically didn’t dare use it.  He used it once (or so he claims), was mortified that he’d bought the thing,  put it in a box, and hid it away until he rediscovered it a month or two ago.  He promised me that he washed it thoroughly before giving it to me, but I washed it again (twice).

I loved his story, but I didn’t know how to make it into a song, so I decided to make it a love song someone wrote for their penis pump, and the two things sort of merged from there.

Of note:
-The instruction manual is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen (and yes, it really does recommend enlarging your nipples, and stretching your balls with weights).
-The “instructional video” really is porn.  Like, it’s not even instructional… it’s just porn.  Hence the line, “tricking me into watching gay porn”.  The clip we used in the video was from the actual video, and it was one of the tamer segments.
-You can wave a penis pump around on the streets of San Francisco, and no one will bat an eye-lash.  Yet another reason why I love the Bay Area.

Lessons Learned:
-for music videos you always need WAY more coverage than you think you do while you’re shooting.  You’ll be jumping all around for two days, then sit down to edit, and realize that you don’t have a single usable take of a certain line.  That really sucks.  A script supervisor would be an amazing thing.
-Brent the Editor yells at Brent the Actor.  For example, sometimes Brent the Actor stops too soon, just before saying a line that we were desperate to get.  Or sometimes he won’t really be that present in the moment.  This will drive Brent the Editor insane.  Luckily, being confronted in this way is making Brent the Actor increasingly aware of what is required/desired of him, and he’s getting better at delivering.
-The Bay Area is an AMAZING place to shoot.  Holy crap, where else can you get such a diverse range of settings (beaches, hills, city streets, parks, mountain, etc).  Amazing.
-Even when it’s just a stupid song about a penis pump, I will obsess over the tiniest details   This shouldn’t surprise me.

One of the highlights of this for me was collaborating with Bill Bowles, who is a long-time friend, and a wonderful film-maker, but we haven’t really worked together.  I highly recommend you check some of his projects out (The Travel Project and The Big River Show being favorites of mine) at mynameisbill.com If I were a betting man, I’d say you’ll see Bill in one of these episodes with me in the near future.

No idea what I’m going to come up with for next week.  I want to spend the majority of my time on the preparation (i.e. the character work), and the smallest amount of time on editing (and shooting) possible.  But then, I always say that, don’t I?


Brent  6.10.09  5.12am

P.S. If you’re into something a little more high-brow, check out this scene I wrote in iambic pentameter for The Studio 12 Ensemble Theatre Company’s night of shorts last week. The criteria was that it had to mention “Buck Hunter” and the last line had to be “and that was the last time I kissed my father on the mouth.” The iambic pentameter was just because I was feeling saucy.

~ by 50in50 on July 10, 2009.

7 Responses to “Episode 15: Me and My Penis Pump”

  1. eew dude. and good job.

    and eww.

  2. nice Axl Rose shout out

  3. Should I be embarassed to say that this is one of my favorite 50in50s? You really played to your strengths as a writer, actor, and songwriter. Damn funny. Horrible really, but funny. Send this one to SNL. Bravo. I think you have officially hit your stride, my friend.

  4. The nipple-enlarging made me physically cringe…and laugh out loud. But mostly, this video just made me homesick. I can’t believe you get to spend 3 months in the Bay! Enjoy! I can’t wait to see more scenes from home in future 50in50s.

  5. Um, how have I not seen this one until now. I like how a penis pump gave you an excuse to do a walking tour of SF and Bezerkley. Yay the whale at the Lawrence Hall of science!!!

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