I couldn’t take it anymore

I deleted the R&J video (episode 17) I had up.  I just, frankly, hated that it was out there.  Totally wrong for this project.  I’m just going to pretend like that never happened.

This week I’m planning on showing an episode from a project I previously worked on.  It won’t count as one of my 50 episodes.  It’ll just be there as filler.  I feel bad pausing the project, but I have to make this play a priority, and I have to focus on that 100% this week.

I’ll have a new episode 17 up soon.  Not this Friday (though this Friday will have something fun), but next Friday.

Much love,

B.  7.28.09  12.52pm

~ by 50in50 on July 28, 2009.

One Response to “I couldn’t take it anymore”

  1. Hi:
    Realy like the series. you should try to get away from the comedy and do some dramatical monologues.. Even the ‘recluse’ had huge under currents of comedy and couldn;t be taken seriously, imho.
    I know your junk is comedy but it will free you up in the long run… make no mistake, your material is very good…

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