Week 22: Classic

(For a better viewing experience click on the HQ button once the video starts.  Everything is more fun in full-screen mode…)

[First off, humongous thanks to Petur Magnusson, and to my brother Matt.  Both did a lot of camera work, and both were stellar on-screen as well.  Very much appreciated.  Huge thank you also to The Pacific Pinball Museum / Lucky Juju Pinball.  That place is AMAZING, and they’re a non-profit, so give them some love.]

Simply put, I am too, too tired to write anything sensical right now (is “sensical” even a word without its “non”?  Spell-check doesn’t think so).  I did however write a fairly long blog-entry yesterday called Letting Go of “Acting School Mentality”, which may be an interesting read for some of you (or not).

A couple of quick things:

-Matt and Petur were both champs, and there’s no way I could have pulled this episode off without their help.  We had a pretty good time shooting.  Playing horse was way too much fun.  Neither of them are trained actors, but they’re both very funny guys.  Petur has the best deadpan of anyone I know.

-This episode was all improvised.

-This may have been the toughest edit I’ve had yet.  I have no idea how many hours it took me.  Fifteen?  More?  Dunno.  All I know is that I’m taking a break from documentary style (again).  They’re fun to shoot, but I always end up hating myself in the editing process.  No mas!  Not for a while.  If you’re interested below is what my timeline ended up looking like.

Picture 1

Too.  Many.  Edits.  (and don’t get me started on the audio)

Okay.  Good night (a.k.a. good morning).

-Brent 8.28.09  8.41am

~ by 50in50 on August 28, 2009.

4 Responses to “Week 22: Classic”

  1. I LOVED the horse game…LMAO at the Street Fighter! Great job guys! Just “classic” ;)

  2. I loved this one. Like so many–funny, and then touching at the end. Classic.

  3. It’s taken me far too long to finally get around to watch this one. The geek in me nods approvingly. Easily my favorite. And I love this behind-the-scene screen shot of the editing process, something I know nothing about. Finally, where did you find that old-school game noise with such crisp sound quality?

    • Good question. The Commodore sounds and video all came from YouTube. I just zoomed in on the screen tight enough that you couldn’t tell that it was my laptop or just a video playing. Then I used some online converters to download the audio tracks off of the videos into mp3. Then I was able to use them as soundfiles. For some, though, I just put the mic by the keyboard as I “played the game”.

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