Week 24: Dan Kelly Understands You

(For a better viewing experience click on the HQ button once the video starts.  Everything is more fun in full-screen mode…)

[Big ups to my funkadelic friend Petur Magnussen for shooting this one and helping me out.  Petur has been incredibly generous with his time while I’ve been here, and has helped with a number of episodes.  He also made a hilarious cameo in Episode 22: Classic.  Thanks again, my friend.]

Here’s how I came up with this one.  My good friend Max Livingstone (who was in Episode 6: The Ad Campaign) lives just down the street from Albany High School (where I, in fact, did go to high school, once upon a time, and where we shot this episode).  We were sitting on his porch last week just as school was getting out, and basically just started joking about, “What if we were these pervy older guys who just sat here all day, trying to pick of high school girls?”  We improvised almost half of this episode right then and there. When I got home I wrote down all of the stuff I could remember.  So that was the seed.

The characterization, however, grew out of somebody I actually knew when I was in high school.  I was a freshman, and he was a senior, and he would just hang out all day, hitting on the freshman girls.  A couple years went by, and he was still hanging out around high school, wearing his leather jacket, talking about his band, being “mysterious” and “edgy”… and hitting on sixteen-year-olds.  The grossest part of it is that it it worked; he slept with a lot of (way underage) girls I knew.  The whole thing made my flesh crawl.

I toyed with a few different aesthetics for this one, before I finally decided that the best way to get this story/character across would be to write it as a monologue, and do it in one take, like it would be in real life.  This is the first one I’ve done in 2nd person (the camera being the other character I’m talking to).

I’m happy to say that this was the easiest edit I’ve had yet, by a long shot.  I didn’t even have to tweak any audio.  It was bliss.  No all-nighter required, and I don’t feel like hell today.  These are good things.

I’m winding down my time here in California.  I’ve got two more performances of The Farm (Sat and Sun at 4pm… but get there very early because we’ve been PACKED.  People climbing trees and sitting in bushes to watch.  No joke.), and then I leave Monday morning.  This weekend is going to be a whirlwind.  Leaving is always bitter-sweet.  I love it here, but I have a lot of things I’m looking forward to in NY.

I feel I should let you all know, I’m considering putting 50in50 on hiatus so I can get some fundraising done.  I’d essentially be putting pause on the project for six weeks or so, then starting up again as if it never happened (thus extending the end of the project).  I have mixed feelings about it.  Part of me wants to stick to the original fifty consecutive week timeline, but on the other hand, my episodes have been SOO much better when I really have the time and energy to focus on them.  If I was able to raise some money do the show, in theory, that would mean that I’d be able to do it as my full-time job, and then the my second twenty-five episodes could have my full focus, and I think they could be really, really good.  I have a ton of ideas, but many of them would be impossible to pull off while working full-time.  I want this show to be as good as it possibly can be.  So, we’ll see what happens.

Much love,

Brent  9.11.09  3.43pm

~ by 50in50 on September 11, 2009.

2 Responses to “Week 24: Dan Kelly Understands You”

  1. Creep-tastic! This reminds me of someone who once flagged me down from a movie theater ticket booth when I was 13. Your new ultra-buzz definitely ups the sex-criminal-just-out-of-prison factor.

  2. Ha ha ha! Brilliant Brent! I seriously remember standing on that exact corner and being wooed by some of those exact lines. Gross, right?

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