On the final day, people came through, and they made this dream a reality.  Miraculously, in the last three days of the Kickstarter fundraising project, we went from 35% funded to to 100%!  I’m still amazed, humbled, and extremely grateful.  50in50 will be back SOON!

If you’re still interested in supporting 50in50 but missed the Kickstarter deadline, you can still donate safely and securely HERE, at the Donations page, and it would be greatly appreciated.  Every dollar that comes in goes to support this project, and goes back to the community of artists that helps to make it.  With just roughly twenty-five episodes to go, we’ve still got a huge challenge ahead of us.

New episodes will resume in just a couple weeks, and we’ve got some exciting stuff coming up, including BILL PULLMAN and an extra special music video for the hollidays.  Please do subscribe over at my YouTube channel, and keep checking back.

Here are a few favorite episodes to tide you over until the show is back:

Week 22: Classic

Week 4: Brett Dempsey Isn’t Drunk

Week 8: The New Freedomland Dancers

Week 3: Al Griffin Goes Outside

Week 21: The Last Words of Ed Byron

Week 15: Me and My Penis Pump (Music Video)

Week 20: Salsa for Shawn

Thank you so much to everyone who supported!  If you’re interested in reading my final update on the Kickstarter project, check it out here.

Much love,


~ by 50in50 on November 7, 2009.

2 Responses to “WE DID IT!”

  1. Congratulations on making it! I’m proud to be a sponsor. And congrats also on the exposure in the SF Chronicle today–front page article about kickstarter on the Datebook section with 6 photos of your characters! Wow!


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