Week 26: The Eligible Bachelors

This one was a lot of fun.

I’m keeping it short this week.  Originally I had something else planned (which you will eventually see), but I tweaked my knee a couple of days before I was going to shoot it.  What I’d been planning would have been pretty rough on it, so I decided to shelve that one for a bit and come up with something else.  I had a few ideas I liked, but then my genius girlfriend reminded me that we once talked about how I should do a video-dating episode.  Ideas came flying after that.  Actually, I had so much fun with the format I’m considering doing another one of these at some point (with different characters, of course).

Also, if you were a backer of $100 or more and you’d requested that your name be put in the special thanks on an episode and you didn’t see yourself in this one, don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about you.  I’m dividing the thank yous, etc. over several episodes.  I’m still feeling a TON of love for everyone who helped me at Kickstarter.

Also, did you think these characters were a bit over the top?  Well, watch this:

Nothing is weirder than reality.

Speaking of, “Exodus” isn’t something I made up.  Check out Exodus International if you don’t believe me (and if you have a strong stomach).  In fact a lot of Louis’s lines were near direct quotes.  New Earth Creationist tours of Natural History Museums are real, too (click here for video).  Louis was based on someone I worked with at a theatre company.  Very interesting dude.

I’ll have another fun one for you next week, so check back!


Brent Rose  1.15.10  2.32am

~ by 50in50 on January 15, 2010.

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