Week 37: The Way of the Coward

[First, big ole thanks to Mr. Michael J. Fulvio, who did me the great honor of playing Kepi.  I felt bad bringing a talented dude like Michael in to play a non-speaking role, but I wanted someone who I knew would kill it, and he did.  He gets a ton across with just a little look, and he was right on the same page with me when I told him how it was supposed to be “bad”.  Thanks again, Michael.]

{Huge thanks, too, to Mr. Michael Harrison who was kind enough to hit the DONATE button on the right there, and send me some funds to help me keep doing this.  VERY much appreciated, Michael.}

{AND, of course, GIGANTIC thanks go to the real Mr. Knut Jensen.  Knut was one of my backers on Kickstarter (actually, he’s the one who pushed me over the edge), and his rewards package said he gets his name in the credits as Producer, and that I’d work his name into an episode.  I had to wait until I had a really fun character before I could call him Knut, because he helped me out so much, and I hope Fake Knut makes Real Knut proud.  Thanks again, Real Knut.}

Okay.  So.  This episode came about as a hybrid of two things.  The first part was the question, “What if there was a martial art that is just all about how to surrender and beg for mercy?”  I thought that would be funny.  Then, searching for inspiration on YouTube, I stumbled onto the second element:

I mean, what else can I say about that?

When I was a kid (like six or seven) I remember taking some martial arts classes that were taught by a white, long-haired, semi-awkward Sensei named Davey.  He became a big part of this video, too.  I should have used a wig for him, in retrospect.

Anyway, the idea was that, like the above video, somebody found some horrible 80’s self defense video, cut together all the funniest parts, then posted them online.  Did that come across?

On the editing side, this week I learned that it’s both hard and easy to make good film look bad.  It’s hard in that there are a lot of filters you have to apply, and you have to re-size everything, and what should have been a really simple edit ends up taking for-effing-ever to render.  As far as cutting, though, I found it much less stressful.  I just kind of sloppily threw together a rough-cut (intentionally being extra sloppy, actually), then I just cleaned it up a little here and there.  Life is simpler when you don’t care about jump-cuts (or when they’re actually encouraged).

If I had to categorize this episode, I’d put it in the “Dumb but Fun” category.  And I’m okay with that.  Some of my favorite movies fit in that category.  Some of my favorite people, too, actually.

This is my first video back after a hiatus I took to perform in a production of Richard II.  I hate taking breaks from 50in50 and falling further behind where I’d like to be… but I don’t regret it.  Richard II was easily one of the most special productions I’ve been a part of.  I’ve always thought it’s Shakespeare’s best-written play + the cast/crew was great + there were TRAPEZES + the whole second half of the run was massively sold-out…  It was great.  Great great great.

We’re long overdue for good, old fashioned, bullshit-free update on the project overall, and what my thoughts and feelings are on it.  I realize that.  It’s brewing.  Tonight, however, is not the night for that, I’m afraid.  I’m just too tired, and I have to wake up way too early.  Soon, though, very soon.

Thank you, to you.  You who watch these episodes, read these entries, and occasionally leave comments to share your thoughts with me.  Your support really means a ton to me.  I’m humbled by it and grateful for it, and for you.


Brent Rose  6.29.10  1.58am

~ by 50in50 on May 29, 2010.

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