The Screeching Halt

Where the hell is 50in50, you ask?  Well, I’m glad you care.  Here’s the deal.

My two friends who have generously shot the vast majority of my New York episodes are now gainfully employed.  This is great for them, but not so great for 50in50.  I had one last shoot planned with one of them, but we got rained out, and now I’ve lost him to the real world.  So sad (but really, glad for him that he’s getting paid for doing what he loves).

This all comes at a tricky time, because I’ve only got eight episodes left, and I want them all to be great.  I’ve got more than enough ideas, but in general they’re more complicated than the average episode, which makes losing my two favorite collaborators even tougher.

SO, I am currently looking for some new talent!  Somebody with a great eye, with experience (preferably with cameras similar to mine, a Panasonic HMC-150), and who is into what I’m trying to do.  There’s no pay, but it’s a chance to have something you shot be professionally edited and FAST.  Great for people who are looking to gain experience and build a reel.  Film students, I’m looking at you.

I’ll likely end up putting up notices at NYU, Columbia, and stuff like that, but word of mouth is the best way.  If you know someone in NY who might fit the bill, have them get in touch with me!  I’m really eager to work with some new blood.  fiftyinfifty at gmail dot com

This all really makes me realize just how much I’ve been relying on my friends throughout this project.  Really from every angle.  I’m continually grateful to all of them, and to everyone who has helped with this project (and there have been a ton of you).  Specifically, C. Bay Milin and Dylan Ricards, you guys have been champs and I miss working with you already.  Hopefully I can grab you guys on a weekend and get at least one more out of each of you.  =)

Worst case scenario: if I don’t find anyone who I want to work with, I’ll just make some simpler episodes for the last eight, and someday do the more complicated ones as shorts, under other circumstances.  Knowing myself, though, I probably won’t settle for that.  We’ll see…

In other news: I just signed with a new agency!  Onward and upwards.

-BR 11.10.10 11.57pm

~ by 50in50 on November 10, 2010.

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