Week 44: Angst

(Again, if you have headphones or decent speakers, use ’em for this one.  The bassline barely comes thru laptop speakers, and it’s funny.)

{First and foremost big thanks to Peter Gutter, who basically co-everythinged this one with me. This is one of the more collaborative 50in50s I’ve done, and it was very much a team effort.  You rocked it, Pete.}

So, this episode is kinda dumb.  I recognize that.  No, I embrace that.  I think I wanted to make one that was kind of dumb but fun.  I’m pretty happy with that mix.

This character was born out of a wig.  I was going through my giant box of random costume stuff in New York and I found that wig.  I believe it had been left at my apartment two halloweens ago by my friend Dylan who went as Uma Thurman from Pulp Fiction (complete with the syringe sticking out of his chest).  I put the wig on, went into my bathroom, looked in the mirror, pulled out my phone, and shot a video, improvising as the character you now see in the video (that will probably be in the Extra Features section of the DVD, when this is all over).

When I went to CA I brought that wig with me, and another that I think was supposed to be John Lennon.  I had a great time with my friend Peter back when I made Classic (episode 22), and he had just recently made a hilarious and great music video, so asking him to do this one with me was a no-brainer.  Also, he had drums and a keyboard.

Writing the song was fun.  We basically brain-stormed the various things that didn’t understand us, and tried to channel our own teenage selves.  Personally, when I was 18, I wanted to run away, get my G.E.D., and just sort of wander the United States until I found what I was looking for.  Yeah, I wish I were kidding.  Gotta give the devil his due: Peter came up with a lot of the funniest lines.

Shooting was also a good time.  Very guerrilla style.  It was either him holding it, me holding it, or the tripod (except for the one bathroom shot, where we enlisted the help of my brother).  This episode had, by FAR, the most outtakes of any episode yet.  We must of done 50 takes of the “deepdeepdeepdeepdeepdeep” face-to-face shot, and we only made it through cleanly three times.

Now, onto the project in general…

Oof.  I just looked at this blog and was embarrassed to see that the last entry was on November 17th.  Slowdown?  What slowdown?

Well, yes, it’s true.  The 50in50 juggernaut as lost a lot of its momentum.  My real life has been real busy, and most of it in positive ways.  I’ve been running around for auditions and readings, I’ve got a new agent.  These are good things.  These are things for which 50in50 is, in fact, partially responsible.  But I’ve also been busier with work-work (the income-generating variety, which, sadly, 50in50 has not become).  And, truth be told, I’m beginning to day-dream about what I might do next, which has a similar effect to “Senioritis” in high school.  It makes it harder to be where you are now.  I’m trying to stay in the moment, though, and enjoy this last handful of episodes.

This episode was the first of the two I shot on a recent trip to California.  The next one is as different to this one as night and day, and I’m really excited about it.  It will be up next week, so check back!

Much love,


1.6.11  6.11pm

~ by 50in50 on January 6, 2011.

2 Responses to “Week 44: Angst”

  1. Hey, your site/work rocks! hilarious and really well done. i’m new to this whole thing but i love love love the ability to collaborate in with other artists online. i think it needs to happen more “cuz no one understands us” :)
    question for you…..have you ever hooked trapeze to trees? redwood trees to be specific?

    • Oddly enough, there’s a tree in Prospect Park I’ve been eye-balling for trapeze hanging and I was just talking about it the other day. I actually almost shot Week 42 there. If you’re going to hang from a branch use a long rock climbing strap (one that’s rated for a few thousand pounds), and put a towel (or yoga mat or something) in between it and the branch, so it doesn’t fray. Redwoods seem tricky because their lowest branches are usually still pretty high. I’d love to see it, though.

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