This page is your one-stop, go-to place for all of the episodes thus far (though you are certainly encouraged to read the blog entries at the home page and in the archives).

(For a better viewing experience select the highest resolution possible.)

Week 1: Brian Baumlieber

Week 2: Mr. Taravour Goes to Washington

Week 3: Al Griffin Goes Outside

Week 4: Brett Dempsey Isn’t Drunk

Week 5: Geoff Boyle’s Apology

Week 6: The Ad Campaign

Week 7: The Reverend

Week 8: The New Freedomland Dancers

Week 9: The Christian Campers

Week 10: A Message from Coz Kneale

Week 11: Eat Good New York

Week 12: The Emergency Herbalist

Week 13: Where the Heart Is

Week 14: Your Handshake is Crap

Week 15: Me and My Penis Pump (Music Video)

Week 16: The Full Body X Working (in under 60 seconds)

Week 19: The Best of Leif Garrison

Week 20: Salsa for Shawn

Week 21: The Last Words of Ed Byron

Week 22: Classic

Week 23: Dale Tining’s Regimen

Week 24: Dan Kelly Understands You

Week 25: Martin Carroll’s Birthday Present

Week 26: The Eligible Bachelors

Week 27: Nasal Retentive

Week 28: UglyGirl37’s Straight Talk Vlog

Week 29: The Missed Connection

Week 30: Stories From Home

Week 31: Tommy’s Secret

Week 32: Stories From Home 2

Week 33: Jason in the Desert

Week 34: Bill Pullman’s Celebrity Meltdown

Week 35: The Disease Collectors

Week 36: The Unhappily Married Artists

Week 37: The Way of the Coward

Week 38: The Poetry of Mason Looms

Week 39: Stop Stealing Porn

Week40: The Boxer

Week 41: Guided Meditation with Judd Frazier

Week 42: “That’s How It Felt” by Apollo Run

Week 43: Gliese 581 g

Week 44: ANGST (The Music Video)

Week 45: The Hotel Ray

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  3. Your doing an amazing job! Keep up the good work only 8 more characters to go =)

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