Got something you want to tell me?  Well, I prefer (far and above) that you just go ahead and write it in the comment form below, but if there is something you want to tell me and you don’t want it publicly displayed you can email me at FiftyinFifty at gmail period com (yes, write it fiftyinfifty, not 50in50) — casting directors, agents, and producers, this means you!

Obviously, this is not my primary email address, so I make no guarantees about how often I’ll be checking that account.  So, please forgive me if it takes a while to respond.

11 Responses to “Contact”

  1. Hi Brent. Three laugh out louds, five chuckles, and one sprained neck from trying to see your wee-wee. Keep it up buddy.

  2. Hey Brent, 20%!!!! Congrats, and keep going!

  3. Hi Brent, I enjoy your work. Let me know if you would be interested in taking one of the monologues from for an episode. Plenty of characters to choose from my friend. Keep up the great work!

    Your friend – Joseph Arnone

  4. The material is quite good, but even better is the editing and the timing. I’ve seen alot of stuff over the years. The timing is very, very dead-on-the-mark. It’s amazing to think back when both the production and the visual language to do this stuff was so much harder to attain, to achieve. Again, truly notable how one can put together material like this now, with such tight, professional editing. I love the characters, but your timing really shines.

  5. Hi Brent,

    As a person who enjoys costumes and disguises as part of character changes, I was delighted to see your story in today’s SF Chronicle.

    Hope you will be back in the Bay Area soon. Would like to see you in action here in SF!

    Best wishes,

    David Goldman

  6. Would like to speak with you concerning a new website we have started called Stardition. It allows actors, actresses, screenwriters, singers, dancers, etc., to post video pitches or their ideas or video clips of their talents to industry professionals in an attempt to get discovered or gain representation.

  7. Hi Brent, do you want to cooperate with us, I am interested in cooperate with you on product review,hope you can reply me soon!

  8. Hi Brent! I just wanted to tell you about my new book: The LA Actor Conquers the Atlanta Market. It’s available on Amazon and Kindle.

  9. Hi Brent how are you? I wanted to suggest this article “Personalities for Sale in Hollywood Backyard”…i think you should be interested
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  11. I want to recommend an excellent funny and inspiring podcast:
    Allison Janney! Matthew Broderick! Julianne Moore! Ben Platt! Laura Linney! Kaskade! Kristin Chenoweth! and more….

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