50in50 has been featured in Backstage Magazine, The San Francisco Chronicle, Salon.com, and The Clyde Fitch Report, to name just a few.  Below are some favorite episodes.  For all of the episodes thus far, Click here, and to learn more about the project, Click here.

Week 21: The Last Words of Ed Byron

Week 45: The Hotel Ray

Week 41: Guided Meditation with Judd Frazier

Week 36: The Unhappily Married Artists

Week 3: Al Griffin Goes Outside

Week 42: “That’s How It Felt” by Apollo Run

Week 8: The New Freedomland Dancers

Week 31: Tommy’s Secret

Week 34: Bill Pullman’s Celebrity Meltdown

Week 26: The Eligible Bachelors

Week 40: The Boxer

Week 1: Brian Baumleiber

Week 4: Brett Dempsey Isn’t Drunk

4 Responses to “**FAVORITES**”

  1. Brent, ‘Guided Meditation’ deserves to be here too in these Hallowed Halls. Nuff said.

  2. What great work!

  3. […] theoretically create a new character every week like those guys do."So, starting in March 2009, 50in50 was born. Rose quickly realized the concept would allow him to display his array of talents while […]

  4. What did you learn from this process? Thanks.

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