Sadly, reality dictates that costumes, wigs, makeup, lights bulbs, etc… are expensive.  Whilest I truly appreciate your checking in every week, and leaving comments, another great way to support this project is to click on the Donate button below.  That will take you to a secure PayPal page where you can donate as much or as little as you want to this project (even $1 may be enough to buy a weird shirt at the Salvation Army that could be perfect for a character).  You will be thanked for your contribution in the blog and your fame and glory will be assured (or you can remain anonymous, if you’d rather).  More so, I would really appreciate it.


I’m also working on a way to figure out how I can accept “In-Kind” donations.  As in, if you have a box of (not moldy) wigs you want to send me (I really need wigs!!), or maybe you’re especially benevolent and would like to send me an HD camera and/or a better microphone system that your production company doesn’t need anymore.  Well, for the time being, email me at fiftyinfifty at gmail dot com (yes, it’s fiftyinfifty, NOT 50in50), tell me what you’ve got, and we’ll figure something out.

Much thanks!


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